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HPC-09 v6 - Predictability Technology

At the heart of HPC-09 v6 is an advanced Mathematical Model and Finite Element Engine that makes Predictions and Real Time Calculations like the one shown below possible. The system can calculate the Temperature and Compressive Strength at any point and time within a concrete slab (element). Temperature and Strength gradients within the slab can also be calculated.

The ability to accurately Predict what will happen, is essential for both Planning and Discrepancy Detection, and is how HPC-09 v6 can help you Reduce Waste (Muda) and thus Save Money.

This ability also makes it possible to decide if there is any discrepancies in the Concrete Mix (recipe) that invalidates the Real-Time Strength calculations. This sets HPC-09 v6 apart from simple Maturity Meters that have no means of deciding if the Strength Calculation is valid or not! See our article "Can Maturity Calculations be Trusted?".


Red Graph: HPC-09 v6 Corrected Predicted Temperature: Green Graph: Actual Measured Temperature.

Of course, the Compressive Strength Prediction is the ultimate goal:

 Red Graph: HPC-09 v6 Corrected Predicted Strength: Green Graph: Actual Calculated (Real-Time) Strength.

Comparing HPC-09 Strength Calculations to Compressive Strength measured on Cubes or Cylinders typically gives a Standard Deviation of 2 MPa: This deviation represents both uncertainties in the Cube tests, production variations and uncertainty in the Strength calculations. 

The Temperature Gradients across the Slab (element) must be kept below a certain limit to avoid cracking. HPC-09 v6 documents the Gradients:

 Red Graph: Slab Bottom Temperature. Yellow Graph: Slab Center Temperature . Blue Graph: Slab Lifting Zone Temperature. Black Graph: Max Difference (Gradient). 

HPC-09 v6 also calculates 3D Temperature and Strength Gradients as is shown below:

HPC-09 v6 3D Temperature Gradient at the time when the gradient is at its largest!

HPC-09 v6 3D Strength at the time when the Target Strength of 35 MPa is met at the middle top center of the slab.